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Barge Overseas Trade is one of the leading agriculture commodity merchant Exporters & Manufacturer in India. The company is exporting agriculture commodities to customers across the Globe. The company deals in a various agriculture products such as Basmati rice, Potato, Onion, Peanuts, Garlic, Potato, Rice. Being a leading international trading company our company has skilled and knowledgeable employees who are directly purchase Agriculture products from selected farmers so we supply good quality of agriculture products to our business partner. We have relevant experience of farming products because we are basically come from farmer background with well educated, so we know best attributes of these products.

With the expansion of our loyal customer base, more and more people are experiencing and benefiting from our products each day. To serve the needs of our various customer base, the Barge Overseas Trade has grown into an entity that recognizes the talent from all parts of the world, regardless of their background.

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Our Products

Being a leading international trading company Our company has skilled and knowledgeable employees
who are directly purchase Agriculture Products from selected farmers so we supply good quality of Agriculture Products to our business partner.


Rice is the staple food of every Indian household and 75% of the world's population. It provides essential carbohydrates to the body and is low in fat and free of cholesterol. The proteins and vitamins present in rice helps in brain functions and bodily movements. White rice, brown rice, and Basmati rice are commonly consumed Barge Overseas Trade ....

Cashew Nut

Barge Overseas Trade is a leading supplier and exporter of cashew nuts. These products are loaded with vitamin E and can be eaten raw, roasted, or by sprinkling them over desserts and ice creams. Highly tasty, and crispy, these cashew nuts are the easiest and safest way to meet the body's daily need of minerals, coppers, iron, magnesium ....


Potatoes are the rich source of carbohydrates. They are used in all cuisines and consumed daily throughout the world. We are happy and proud to provide this staple vegetable fresh grown without any use of chemicals and harmful pesticides. From cultivating to reaping, and packing our organic potatoes, we take great care of quality and ....


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