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Manufacturer, Trader & Exporters For all types of Agricultural and Non-Agricultural products.


Rice is the staple food of every Indian household and 75% of the world's population. It provides essential carbohydrates to the body and is low in fat and free of cholesterol. The proteins and vitamins present in rice helps in brain functions and bodily movements. White rice, brown rice, and Basmati rice are commonly consumed. Barge Overseas Trade is proud of manufacturing, supplying, and exporting high-quality and tasty rice to domestic and international markets. We follow stringent quality check measure for supplying small, medium, and long grain rice to our clients. Our flavorful rice is best for all types of continental and inter-continental dishes. We manufacture, pack, and supply rice adhering to world-class hygiene standards. Our Basmati rice is in huge quantity by overseas hotels and restaurants because of its smell and extraordinary taste.

Packing and Shipment

We deliver rice in the following packing and quantity:

  • • Packing: 20, 25, an 50 kg PP Bags.
  • • Quantity: 24 to 50 tons.
  • • Port of Loading: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra; Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh; Kochi, Kerala; Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Mundra, Gujarat; Haldia Port, West Bengal; or any India Port.
  • • Arrival of consignment to Port of Discharge: 15 days from receipt of payment.


  • • Premium quality
  • • Excellent packing
  • • Varieties in rice
  • • Heavenly taste

English Name: Rice

Botanical Name: Oriza Sativa

Family Name: Gramineae


No cuisine is complete without adding slices or pieces of onion. Whether it is the food cooked in Indian household or anywhere in the world, onions are in integral part of cuisines. Despite their pungent taste and smell, they are best enjoyed in raw and cooked form. We are proud of manufacturing, supplying, and exporting these omnipresent vegetables.

Why Us

Unlike other exporters who source onions from farmers, Barge Overseas Trade grows them on their own land. We grow organic red and yellow onions and export them fresh. Being a producer of onions, we are able to meet the rising demand of our clients all the year. We pay high heed to hygiene and quality. Our onions are 100% natural and meet all the parameters set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Above all, our prices are unbeatable in the domestic and international market.

Specification of Onion

  • • Colour : Red
  • • Weight: 50mm & Above
  • • Variety: Small and Big size
  • • Packing: 5, 10, 20, 50 kg mesh and jute bags as required by customers

Nutrient Value

  • • Great source of flavonoids
  • • Cancer prevention properties
  • • No fats and cholesterol
  • • Excellent for the health of heart
  • • Packing: 5, 10, 20, 50 kg mesh and jute bags as required by customers


Potatoes are the rich source of carbohydrates. They are used in all cuisines and consumed daily throughout the world. We are happy and proud to provide this staple vegetable fresh grown without any use of chemicals and harmful pesticides. From cultivating to reaping, and packing our organic potatoes, we take great care of quality and hygiene. Our potatoes are free of bacteria, pest infestation, soil adhesion, and mechanical damage. The packing techniques that we use guarantees secured delivery to our clients.

Why Us

We cultivate quality potatoes using natural ingredients. They are stored and transported in +2°C temperature to maintain their freshness for a longer time. Our fresh potatoes bear yellow skin, high quality, and are best for culinary delight.

Specification of Potatoes

  • • Colour: Yellow
  • • Weight: 100 – 200 gm
  • • Packing: 25, 50 kg in mesh and jute bags as required by customers


We are cultivator, supplier, and exporter of varieties of Indian groundnuts such as bold or runner, Spanish or Java, and Red Natal. All these peanuts are different in colour, sizes, and flavour, and nutritional composition. Our fresh, natural peanuts are best to enhance flavours of food cooked in any style. We supply groundnuts in shells, splits, and as blanched. From manufacturing of oil to use in medical and food industries, our dark pink coloured peanuts are useful for multi-purpose.

Why Us

Being a cultivator of varieties of Indian groundnuts, we are able to meet our customers' requirements easily. Our peanuts are supplied to oil manufacturing, medical, and food industry in India and overseas. We ensure hygienic packaging for safe delivery and long shelf-life. Whether with or without shell, we process delivery in clean and hygienic environment.

Specification of Peanuts

  • • Type: Java
  • • Moisture: 8% max
  • • Admixture: 1% max
  • • Foreign Materials: 0.5% max
  • • Oil Content: 48% max
  • • Aflatoxin: less than 20 PPB
  • • Packing: 20, 25, 50 kg in jute bags


We have achieved a significant position in Indian and International market as the best garlic producer, supplier, and exporter. We deliver fresh, organic dry garlic in bulk to distant places. For us, making our freshly produced garlic available anywhere in the world is like a cakewalk. From cultivation to delivery, we conduct numerous quality checks to ensure quality products reach our customers. Not a single complaint has been raised about our product until now, and we take care there won't be any in the future. From storage to packing, quality checks, and delivery, our product and services are simply unmatchable.


Soyabean is a great source of protein and generally cheaper than other alternatives. They provide several health benefits when used in cuisines. They belong to the Fabaceae family and fall under the category of legumes. Being high in oil content, they are used for extracting soya oil, soya milk, and flour. We provide high-quality soyabean perfect for daily use at homes, restaurants, and oil manufacturing units. Clients love our soyabean since they pose longer shelf-life, are low in cholesterol, fat, and highly nutritional.

Why Us

We comply with the norms for pesticide residue levels and provide fresh, quality soyabean free from GMO. Our products are good for 24 months from the date of packing under proper storage condition.

Specification of Soyabean

  • • Variety: Whole Soyabean
  • • Colour: Light to Golden Yellow
  • • Moisture: 13% max
  • • Oil: 17% min.
  • • Protein: 35% min
  • • Packing: As per customer demand


We are grower, supplier, and exporter of varieties of mangoes found in India. We grow organic mangoes that are safe for consumption in raw and ripened forms. Due to being free of pesticides, these king of fruits are good for preparing ice creams, pickles, desserts, and adding flavour in food items. The taste, aroma, and juicy pulp that our mangoes bear are quite famous in the domestic and international market.

Why Us

We own one of the largest mango orchards in India where we grow all varieties of mangoes to cater to our customers' need. We supply organic, fresh, and sweet mangoes across India and other countries. These mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, E, iron, and Selenium. They provide carbohydrates and minerals to the body.

Specification of Mangos

  • • Type: Alphonso, kesar, Malgova, Banganapalli, Badami, Dasheri, Neelam,
  • • Weight: 200 – 300 gm
  • • Packing: As required by customers
  • • Shipment: By air and by Sea


We are leading producer, supplier, and exporter of different varieties of Indian grapes. Our grapes are best for eating and wine making. The sizes, colours, freshness, and nutritional value of these grapes make them different from other producers. Whether seedless or with seeds, the fresh grapes that we supply to Indian and international market are rated as the best by our customers.

Specification of Grapes

  • •Thomson Seedless
  • • Sharad Seedless
  • • Flame Seedless
  • • Autumn Seedless
  • • Jumbo Seedless
  • • Crimson Seedless
  • • Sonaka Seedless
  • • Fantasy Seedless
  • • Krishna Seedless
  • • Manik Chaman

Cashew Nut

Barge Overseas Trade is a leading supplier and exporter of cashew nuts. These products are loaded with vitamin E and can be eaten raw, roasted, or by sprinkling them over desserts and ice creams. Highly tasty, and crispy, these cashew nuts are the easiest and safest way to meet the body's daily need of minerals, coppers, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium. Daily consumption of cashew nuts in moderate amount can prevent from diabetes, cataracts, weight gaining, reducing blood pressure, and maintaining health of heart.

Why Us

Barge Overseas Trade exports high-quality and nutritious cashew nuts in different varieties. We supply them as whole or in kernel to international market. They are free of infestation, rancidity, insect damage and packed keeping in view European export standards.


Since Historic times, India has been a front-runner in the race for export of spices.Barge Overseas Trade is the proud manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Indian spices. One among the leading names in Spices exporters in India, we set the benchmark for quality and efficiency in the spices business. Spices in India, being a specialty, we are able to provide with whole, ground and organic spices along with a wide range of oil seeds, bird feed, curry powders, rice, herbs, sesame seeds, dehydrated onions and garlic and many more taste tingling varieties in Indian spices. We are also the exporters of Indian masala delivering standard quality outside India.

A stalwart among ground spices exporters and whole spices exporters,Barge Overseas Trade are specialists in the manufacture of spices in India. With our state of the art manufacturing infrastructure, we are able to produce the best quality of spices in India and that is why we hold a position among the best spices exporters in India. Along with manufacture of spice, we also excel in procurement and supply of other brands, which adds to the versatility of our range of offerings. With our base located in the commercial capital of India, we are in easy reach and are able to cut down on the transportation time, being able to serve our clients at a quicker pace. So if anybody is looking out for best quality spices, thenBarge Overseas Trade is the ultimate choice!


We provide natural, high-quality raw cotton to domestic and international market. We are knowledgeable and experienced in catering to the demands of textile industry. We provide superior quality cotton to customers. These cottons are free of any contamination and most used by the textile mills across India.

Specification of Cotton

  • • Colour: White
  • • Texture: Soft, fluffy
  • • Quality: Premium
  • • Usage: Textile Industry, Fishing Industry, and Out-door Recreational Equipment
  • • Packing: As per customers' requirement


Barge Overseas Trade is one of the leading manufactures and exporters of textile in India. We use the finest quality of yarns and process them using the most-recent advanced technology as well as following stringent quality-control methods. The textile that we provide to the clothing and fashion industry are best for an assortment of uses. From making bags and baskets to carpeting, shades, towels, upholstered furnishing, table coverings, beds, protective gears, art pieces, the use of our textile is limitless.


We provide a comprehensive range of fabric to textile and garment industry. We have emerged as the most sought-after fabric exporter owing to our rock-solid ability to deliver products on time across geographical boundaries. We stand as the top-notch exporter of quality fabrics at present, and hope to continue till the end.

WE Supply

  • • Organic Cotton Fabrics
  • • Woven Fabrics
  • • cotton Linen


We offer fresh organic coconuts to the food and beverage industry in India and abroad. These coconuts are grown naturally and hence are free from any sorts of impurities. They are delicious, healthy, and best for eating, making oil, and in food. We grow them in our farm that helps us in providing fresh coconuts to our clients. We generally provide dry coconut and semi husked coconuts. Our packing techniques ensure customers get fresh coconuts anywhere in the world. Moreover, the coconuts are hygienically processed and free from adulteration.


India is known for producing best qualities of tea. We produce and export some of the best tea varieties the world over. We cultivate and supply Black and Green Tea to our customers. Depending on the customers' needs, we use CTC and Orthodox methods for tea processing. We pack tea in 25, 50, and 60 kg and use 20 ft. container that holds 10 to 12 tons for shipping.


Enjoying a cup of hot coffee early in the morning has become a daily routine of millions of people around the world. Coffee gives the best kick start for the day and also freshen us up. We supply and export quality coffee beans to different countries. Our coffee beans are cultivated using organic agriculture practices. The fantastic aroma and great taste of our coffee backed with competitive prices are loved by our customers.


Pomegranates are called the “Wonder Fruit” since they provide loads of health benefits. They are rich in Vitamin C, bear antioxidant and anti-cancer properties as well as work like a shield against heart attacks by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. They are luscious, delicious, crunchy, and refreshing. Pomegranates exported by Barge Overseas Trade are dark red and cultivated using best farming practice. The agriculture policies that we adapt enable us to meet European standards.

Why Us

We provide natural, fresh whole pomegranates to food and retail industries in India and abroad. Our products are grown following the best agricultural methods and are residue-free. Being experienced in horticulture, we exceed all the parameters of food safety, health norms and environment practice set by the European Union.

Specification of Pomegranate

  • • Colour : Dark Red
  • • Weight: 200 – 300 gm
  • • Variety: Small and Big size
  • • Packing: 10 kg corrugated box as required by customers